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Fun events are often held in KYOTO-UMEKOJI Area. Check the event information and come for a visit ♪

Project-sponsored Events
 KYOTO-UMEKOJI TANABATA ASOBI 2017 - Fun in the park at nighttime -

"KYO NO TANABATA (the Star Festival)" Umekoji park Site
KYOTO-UMEKOJI TANABATA ASOBI 2017 - FUN in the Park at Nighttime -
Aug. 4-13, 2017 (Fri.-Sun.)
LOCATION: Umekoji Park  ADMISSION: Free (excluding certain facilities)
As part of the summer tradition of Kyoto "KYO NO TANABATA", TANABATA events with the theme of FUN and playfulness are being held in Umekoji Park. Enjoy the appeal of a nighttime at Umekoji Park that is a little different than usual !

Illuminations and Paper Lanterns
DATES AND HOURS  Aug. 4-13 (Fri.-Sun.) 7pm-9pm
LOCATION  Riverside Playground and surrounding path
Enjoy the illuminations reminiscent of light filtering through the trees and a night sky filled with flickering fireflies as well as the twinkling bamboo tunnel "Brilliant Path", with the gentle glow of paper lanterns along the path to create an otherworldly atmosphere.
This year, we have a new addition - the "Brilliant Garden" area !! Approximately 5,000 bulbs of warm-colored lights decorate the trees, blending naturally with the landscape and inviting visitors to the "Brilliant Path".
(Illumination design: Hiroshi Naiki,NAIKIDESIGN INC.)

Other Events
Aug. 26(Sat.)10am - 5pm Nishi-Hongan-ji Temple, Higashi-Hongan-ji Temple, Kyoto Station Building, and so on
 Shimogyo-Kyoto Ekimae Summer Fest 2017
Sponcer:Shimogyo-Kyoto Ekimae Summer Fest Executive Committee
Sep. 2(Sat.) 9am - 4pm Nanajo Square in Umekoji Park
 Crafts Fair in UMEKOJI Park
Sponcer:Kyoto City Greenery Association and Crafts Fair Executive Committee
Sep. 9(Sat.) 4pm - 7pm Large Lawn Area and Central Square in Umekoji Park
 The 21th Annual Umekoji Fureai Concert
Sponcer:Umekoji Fureai Concert Executive Committee
Sep. 17(Sun.) 11:30am - Large Lawn Area and Central Square in Umekoji Park
 Liberation Fest 2017
Sponcer:Liberation Fest Executive Committee
Sep. 23(Sat.) Entire area of Umekoji Park
 Kyoto Ongaku Hakurankai (Kyoto Music Expo) in Umekoji Park 2017
Sponcer:Kyoto Onpaku Executive Committee
Sep. 23 - Oct. 9 (Sat. - Mon.) 9am - 5pm Suzaku-no-Niwa Garden in Umekoji Park
 Fujibakama (Thoroughwort) and Japanese Flower Exposition
Sponcer:Kyoto City Greenery Association and KBS Kyoto
Sep. 30 - Oct. 1(Sat. - Sun.) 10am - 4pm Entire area of Umekoji Park
 Umekoji Park Fall Green Fest and Shimin Fureai Stage(Kyoto Art Fest)
Sponcer:Kyoto City Greenery Association and Shimin Fureai Stage Executive Committee